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Seltzer – 5% ABV
Light seltzer, smooth and easy, with a splash of strawberry, peach, or raspberry flavor added to the glass, less than 200 calories a pint.

American Lager – 4.5% (Lager)
Light and easy American Lager. Crisp malt character balanced with just enough hops.

Dunkelweizen – 4.5% ABV
Dark hefeweizen with chocolate flavors from the malt mixed with banana and clove.

Golden Irish Ale “Pub Ale” – 4.5%
Traditionally known as a bitter, this is a malty slightly fruity beer that is a tradition across the pond. Classic examples of similar ales are London Pride, Old Golden Hen, and Boddingtons.

Hefeweizen – 5%
This classic style is characterized by banana and clove, we sought to balance those flavors and aromas to make a tasty wheat beer with or without an orange slice.

Lemon Bar Sour – 5%
Fruited sour that gets more enjoyable with each sip. Lemon, graham cracker, and a touch of vanilla. A liquid version of a classic dessert.

DIPA – 8.25% (12oz Pour)
West Coast style American Double IPA. Bitter, but balanced allowing slight caramel notes to shine through. Citrusy and fruity aromas accentuate the flavors.

Hazy IPA – 6% ABV (12oz Pour)
Juicy, hazy IPA. Big hop aroma and flavors, but not bitter like a traditional IPA.

Irish Red – 5%
Classic Irish Red, caramel notes from the malt complimented by the light fruity notes of the yeast. Similar to Sullivans Irish Red

Irish Stout – 4.5%
Roasted barley is what gives this beer its color and flavor. Creamy mouth feel, with dark chocolate and coffee notes. Comparable Irish stouts would be Guinness or Murphys.

Brown Ale – 5.25%
Northern English Brown Ale with nutty and toffee flavors.

Graf – 9.5% (Beer/Cider Hybrid)
Light golden ale brewed with delicious apples for a beer that is like a cider and beer at the same time

Root Beer
Old fashioned root beer.  Non-alcoholic.

Cream Soda
Old fashioned cream soda.  Non-alcoholic.